Friday, March 5, 2010

Damning info

OK, here's the background, step by step . . .

1. Extensive Sydney Morning Herald article, March 2005, re Schapelle Corby

2. Background on Mark Standen

3. Background on Alan Conwell, Qantas security chief

4. Mark Standen was in charge of Operation Mocha

5. Mark Standen was running Operation Mocha at Sydney Airport, exact same time, day and terminal as Schapelle Corby flew (further backed by some internal FOI documents that have been obtained)

6. Mick Keelty has to deny "Close" relationship with Standen . . .

7. Mick Keelty lies about Schapelle . . .

Lies . . .

Mick Keelty said (to ”The Australian” on the 31st January 2006), “I think the reality was if it was tested, and the tests didn’t come out with what the defence counsel expected, then it may assist the prosecution and not the defence.”

On the 30th January 2006, The 7.30 Report (ABC), said the Australian Federal Police “Offered to to forensically test Schapelle Corby’s boogie bag and it’s contents,” but “Her lawyers rejected the offer.” (source AFP?)

Truth . . .

8. All the airport CCTV disappears . . . (simultaneously, from 3 airports)

9. Corrupt insiders sabotaging airport cameras . .

10. You tube summary

11. Police certificates re Schapelle's family

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another message to Brett Raguse . . .

Hi Brett,

I rang your office on Friday 8th January 2010, and spoke to "Stewart." He ummed and aaahed when I asked him about the 9 key questions I'd sent you that same day, which go to the very heart of Schapelle's "Guilt" or otherwise - but (bless his cotton socks), he did confirm that my questions were received by your office. But then he fumbled and mumbled, and said something about not being "Sure" you could answer them, because they're "Legal" issues. I told him I wouldn't fail to call your office back on Monday 11th January 2010, when hopefully, you'd be "Surer."

Not "Sure" Brett? Well, you'd better bloody well be "Sure," as your Government confiscated the proceeds of her book as "The proceeds of crime." They were well damn "Sure" enough for that Brett, weren't they? They were "Sure" enough of the "Legal issues" then, weren't they?

So to help you be a bit "Surer" Brett, I'm emailing you a copy of a flyer that I created about the issues to-day, and I'll also be dropping a rough hard copy of it into your office on Monday.

Now, I don't know if you remember the last time we met, but I do. You were sitting at the entrance of Loganlea railway station around 7.30am in the morning, campaigning for election. I was on my way to an environmental conference in Brisbane, and as I live at Cedar Vale, I'd decided to "Park & Ride." We chatted for about 5 minutes or so, about the ALP and climate change. So you know what Brett, methinks I'll take a leaf out of your book . . .

Wonder how many of those flyers a group of us could hand out at both Loganlea Station, and Beenleigh Station, from around 6am onwards, on a week day? And you know what, I reckon the Caboolture railway line has an awful lot going for it as well - and the words "Dickson" and "Longman" come to mind straight away. Regards, Kim

Thursday, January 7, 2010

More questions To Brett Raguse, my local Federal Member . . .

Dear Brett, as you know, our local newspaper, The Beaudesert Times, published my "Letter to the Editor" re Schapelle Corby this week - as did (I assume), quite a few other local papers up and down the country.

Steve D'Arcy (the editor of the Beaudesert Times), rang me at home after I sent it, to express his concern over the issues.

Further, I'll also be liaising closely with The Albert & Logan News re these problems (which is located in Beenleigh).

I have some very direct and simple questions for you Brett. Please answer them ASAP. You can copy and paste each one (they're numbered), and post your response underneath. Our Federal Government has key responsibility for the safety of it's citizens abroad, so it's completely unthinkable to most reasonable Australians that you would either be unable (or unwilling), to respond to these core points . . . and if (eventually), I have to gather up my sleeping bag, candles and coffee mug, and set up camp outside your office steps to get answers, I will do so. I'll also have the local press with me. I want to make that clear from the outset.

1. Was Schapelle Corby's bag weighed in Bali, to compare that figure to it's departure weight from Brisbane? If not, why not?

2. Is it correct that the street value of the marijuna found in Schapelle's bag, was around $40,000 in Australia, but only around $5,000 in Bali?

3. Is it true that around the time of Schapelle's case, her trial judge, in trying over 500 drug cases, had never acquitted a single defendant?

4. Was the marijuana found in Corby's bag ever tested for it's country of origin?

5. Did Schapelle Corby ask for the marijuana to be tested for it's country of origin?

6. Was the marijuana in question burnt by the Indonesian authorities before it could ever be tested for it's country of origin?

7. Was the inner surface of the bag containing the marijuana, or the marijuana itself, ever tested for Schapelle Corby's finger prints or DNA?

8. Did Schapelle Corby ask for this fingerprint and DNA testing?

9. Was the bag in question burnt by the Indonesian authorities, before it could ever be screened for fingerprints and DNA?

Thankyou Brett. I'll be phoning your office before close of business on Friday 8th January 2010, to get some kind of indication of when I can some very direct answers, to these very direct and simple questions. I also suggest that you could, in the interim, take a look at this short film re these issues . . . if you're human, it should make your hair stand on. Mine did.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Five Pointed Question to Brett Raguse (keep reading)

I'm a Registered Nurse, mental health endorsed, qualified in that speciality (and working in the area), since 1978. That's 31 years. I started my training in 1975 (when I was 18), and I'm nearly 53 now. Over that time, I've seen a lot, including suicides and extreme despair. I didn't come down with the last shower. I've also just read the expert assessment of Schapelle Corby's Australian psychiatrist, Dr. Phillips, and watched his recent interview on Channel 7's Morning Show (20th Dec 2009). This guy knows exactly what he's talking about, and I am shocked and appalled beyond measure that an Australian citizen has been completely abandoned, as regards life-saving treatment and care, by the people we pay our taxes to protect us. Rudd et al, are you listening?

Schapelle Corby is suffering from a life threatening psychotic depression that could kill her at any time. This isn't just "Nerves," or "Feeeling a bit bad." This is a whole different ball game. This is a waking dream, or rather, a waking nightmare. All hope is lost, and bizarre beliefs and terrors haunt every conscious moment. Death welcomes as the only way out, thus the risk of suicide (if left untreated), is off the scale. If Schapelle was in prison in Australia right now, she would have been transferred out to a secure psychiatric facility immediately, and she would have qualified nurse by her side 24 hours a day. In other words, she would be "Specialled," to prevent her from harming herself, and a psychiatric registrar would monitor her mental state every day. Further, her medication would be administered by qualified nursing staff, who would also give expert intervention and support round the clock.

But what's Schapelle getting for this life-threatening illness? I'll you tell what she's getting, bugger all. Nothing. Zero. Her anti-depressant medication is merely "Given" to her by another inmate, which personally leaves me open-mouthed with astonishment. The potential abuses, and just plain ignorance (and neglect), inherent in this shoddy "Care" are mind-boggling. Fancy trying that system here Queensland Corrections? I don't think so . . . Schapelle could wander off this mortal coil any given second, with every fat cat Government minister deliberately looking the other way.

So here are some pointed questions to my local Federal Member, Brett Raguse, cc every media outlet in his constituency.

1. Brett, do you dispute that Schapelle Corby is suffering from a life-threatening psychotic depression?

2. Do you dispute my description above, as regards how an inmate in the Australian prison system would be treated, if they had a similar life-threatening illness?

3. Do you dispute the level of risk to Schapelle Corby's life that I have described above?

4. Why is Schapelle Corby not being monitored (round the clock), by appropriately qualified medical and nursing staff?

5. When will Schapelle Corby be monitored (round the clock), by appropriately qualified medical and nursing staff?

Have absolutely no doubt Brett, due to the extreme urgency of this situation, I will be contacting your office daily (and updating this blog accordingly), until a few ALP politicians put as much effort into getting Schapelle Corby appropriate treatment and care, as they did into successfully getting former ALP politician (and child sex offender), Bill D'Arcy paroled.